Subtext; the rise of Ahmadinejad, and the fall of Iran.
Iranian Zoroastrians have unsuccessfully attempted to end its practice in Iran and stay away from its celebration.
The small community of Iranian migrants retain their cultural roots and connections to their original homeland through faith and fashion.
Black Sea; Russia has the largest navy, Ukraine has the longest coastline but Turkey controls the shipping and naval access to it. Here's a blast from…
I want your advice. In 2020, I began a weekly Newsletter in Turkish focusing exclusively on a week’s newsworthy events in Iran with just a picture and a sentence ex…
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Commemoration of the birth of Jesus and the commemoration of the three Magi in Bethlehem.
In 1999 Turkish National Intelligence Agency (MiT) pulled off the dramatic capture of the most wanted fugitive in its history.
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Afterwords by Jr Rezvani